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Global Theosophy

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En privat hjemmeside om
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Nogle få af de personer bag moderne Planetarisk Teosofi, som jeg er tilknyttet.
Medgrundlægger af moderne Planetarisk Teosofi:
H. P. Blavatsky (1831-91)
Helena P. Blavatsky
Medgrundlægger af moderne Planetarisk Teosofi:
Mahatma Morya (fødsel-?)
Master Morya
Esoterisk Chela af moderne Planetarisk Teosofi:
D. K. Mavalankar (1857-?)
Damodar K. Mavalankar

Characteristics of Theosophical Litterature
(published Feb. 6th 2004 by Morten Nymann)

Here are a few characteristics of Theosophical litterature. Read the below carefully and do not underestimate the contents value:

1. Some books, some passages, are intended to be read in a certain order.

2. Some books and passages have to be read under specific environmental conditions.

3. Some have to be read aloud, some silently, some alone, some in company.

4. Some are only vehicles for illustrations or other content generally regarded as extraneous or secondary to the text.

5. Some are of limited use or ephemeral function, being addressed to communities in certain places, at certain stages of development, or for a limited time.

6. Some forms have concealed meanings which yield coherent but misleading meanings, safety-devices to ward of tamperers.

7. Some are interlarded with material deliberately designed to confuse or sidetrack those who are not properly instructed, for their own protection.

8. Some books contain a completely different potential, and they are communicators through another means than the writing contained in them. They are not designed primarily to be read at all.

9. Theosophical litterature is a part of carefully worked out plan. Its abuse lead to nothing of permanent value.

Theosophical teachings, and sometimes keys to it, are sometimes embedded in quite other material, not recognisable as theosophical at all to the uninitiated. Many of these teachings are really meditation-themes. They have deep function almost unknown to the pedestrian conventionalists, enthusiasts, imitators or occultist.

And the text continues on. It is especially the last four sentences, which we aught to familiarze ourselves with. And anyways, all of the text seem to work wonders in my mind. For instance is it so, that Blavatskys talks about that allegories, dead-letter reading, senzar and the Seven Keys exists. These has to do with the above text on Theosophical litterature. This is my knowledge. There are also non-physical libraries.

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