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Nogle få af de personer bag moderne Planetarisk Teosofi, som jeg er tilknyttet.
Medgrundlægger af moderne Planetarisk Teosofi:
H. P. Blavatsky (1831-91)
Helena P. Blavatsky
Medgrundlægger af moderne Planetarisk Teosofi:
Mahatma Morya (fødsel-?)
Master Morya
Esoterisk Chela af moderne Planetarisk Teosofi:
D. K. Mavalankar (1857-?)
Damodar K. Mavalankar


(published on the website here april 2011 by Morten Nymann)
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In order to leave no room for equivocation, the members of the T.S. have to be reminded of the origin of the Society in 1875. Sent to the U.S. of America in 1873 for the purpose of organizing a group of workers on a psychic plane, two years later the writer received orders from her Master and Teacher to form the nucleus of a regular Society whose objects were broadly stated as follows:

1. Universal Brotherhood;

2. No distinction to be made by the member between races, creeds, or social positions, but every member had to be judged and dealt by on his personal merits;

3. To study the philosophies of the East—those of India chiefly, presenting them gradually to the public in various works that would interpret exoteric religions in the light of esoteric teachings;

4. To oppose materialism and theological dogmatism in every possible way, by demonstrating the existence of occult forces unknown to science, in nature, and the presence of psychic and spiritual powers in man; trying, at the same time to enlarge the views of the Spiritualists by showing them that there are other, many other agencies at work in the production of phenomena besides the “Spirits” of the dead. Superstition had to be exposed and avoided; and occult forces, beneficent and maleficent––ever surrounding us and manifesting their presence in various ways—demonstrated to the best of our ability.

Such was the programme in its broad features. The two chief Founders were not told what they had to do, how they had to bring about and quicken the growth of the Society and results desired; nor had they any definite ideas given them concerning its outward organization—all this being left entirely with themselves. Thus, as the undersigned had no capacity for such work as the mechanical formation and administration of a Society, the management of the latter was left in the hands of Col. H. S. Olcott, then and there elected by the primitive founders and members—President for life. But if the two Founders were not told what they had to do, they were distinctly instructed about what they should never do, what they had to avoid, and what the Society should never become. Church organizations, Christian and Spiritual sects were shown as the future contrasts to our Society."
[Article cut short by Morten Nymann]

"Meanwhile, peace and fraternal good-will to all.
Corres. Secty T.S.
Ostende, Oct. 3rd., 1886"

Morten Nymann says:
The Above “ORIGINAL PROGRAMME” MANUSCRIPT has been cut short by me, because the major part of the rest of the article are concerned with a then ongoing exchange about the President Founder H. S. Olcott's role in the Theosophical Society.

The above was according to the co-founder H. P. Blavatsky her original intent with the formation of the Theosophicalm Society. H. P. Blavatsky's friend and co-founder H. S. Olcott was no doubt aware of this view of hers. And the above article can be compared with The CONSTITUTION AND RULES OF THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY (Published in the official magazine: The Theosophist - January 1891), which I have posted online. A careful reading of Article XIII on that page can only be recommended, since most later theosophical groups and more or less claimed offshoots seem to have deleted this article and these paragraphs in their later Constitutions.

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