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Nogle få af de personer bag moderne Planetarisk Teosofi, som jeg er tilknyttet.
Medgrundlægger af moderne Planetarisk Teosofi:
H. P. Blavatsky (1831-91)
Helena P. Blavatsky
Medgrundlægger af moderne Planetarisk Teosofi:
Mahatma Morya (fødsel-?)
Master Morya
Esoterisk Chela af moderne Planetarisk Teosofi:
D. K. Mavalankar (1857-?)
Damodar K. Mavalankar

Theosophy and UFO's
Vimanas - Viwans - UFO's
(published Dec. 16th 2001 by Morten Nymann)

Here is in english the statement made by H. P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine as early as 1888 - about UFO's or the socalled Vimanas or Viwans - an excerpt from "The Secret Doctrine"; vol.2; p.426-429:

(Short intro in danish: Her følger Blavatskys udtalelse om Ufoer - også kaldet Viamanas eller Viwans, så tidligt som 1888 - et uddrag fra "The Secret Doctrine"; vol.2; p.426-429:)

Quoting H. P. Blavatsky:

It is from the Fourth Race that the early Aryans got their knowledge of "the bundle of wonderful things," the Sabha and Mayasabha, mentioned in the Mahabharata, the gift of Mayasur to the Pandavas. It is from them that they learnt aeronautics, Viwan Vidya (the "knowledge of flying in air-vehicles"), and, therefore, their great arts of meteorography and meteorology. It is from them, again, that the Aryans inherited their most valuable science of the hidden virtues of precious and other stones, of chemistry, or rather alchemy, of mineralogy, geology, physics and astronomy.

Several times the writer has put to herself the question: "Is the story of Exodus -- in its details at least -- as narrated in the Old Testament, original? Or is it, like the story of Moses himself and many others, simply another version of the legends told of the Atlanteans?" For who, upon hearing the story told of the latter, will fail to perceive the great similarity of the fundamental features? The anger of "God" at the obduracy of Pharaoh, his command to the "chosen" ones, to spoil the Egyptians, before departing, of their "jewels of silver and jewels of gold" (Exod. xi.); and finally the Egyptians and their Pharaoh drowned in the Red Sea (xiv.). For here is a fragment of the earlier story from the Commentary: --
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------
[[Vol. 2, Page]] 427 THE DOOM OF ATLANTIS.
. . . "And the 'great King of the dazzling Face,' the chief of all the Yellow-faced, was sad, seeing the sins of the Black-faced."

"He sent his air-vehicles (Viwan) to all his brother-chiefs (chiefs of other nations and tribes) with pious men within, saying: 'Prepare. Arise ye men of the good law, and cross the land while (yet) dry.'

'The Lords of the storm are approaching. Their chariots are nearing the land. One night and two days only shall the Lords of the Dark Face (the Sorcerers) live on this patient land. She is doomed, and they have to descend with her. The nether Lords of the Fires (the Gnomes and fire Elementals) are preparing their magic Agneyastra (fire-weapons worked by magic). But the Lords of the Dark Eye ("Evil Eye") are stronger than they (the Elementals) and they are the slaves of the mighty ones. They are versed in Ashtar (Vidya, the highest magical knowledge).* Come and use yours (i.e., your magic powers, in order to counteract those of the Sorcerers). Let every lord of the Dazzling Face (an adept of the White Magic) cause the Viwan of every lord of the Dark Face to come into his hands (or possession), lest any (of the Sorcerers) should by its means escape from the waters, avoid the rod of the Four, (Karmic deities) and save his wicked' (followers, or people).

'May every yellow face send sleep from himself (mesmerize?) to every black face. May even they (the Sorcerers) avoid pain and suffering. May every man true to the Solar Gods bind (paralyze) every man under the lunar gods, lest he should suffer or escape his destiny.'

'And may every yellow face offer of his life-water (blood) to the speaking animal of a black face, lest he awaken his master.'** 'The hour has struck, the black night is ready, etc., etc.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

'Let their destiny be accomplished. We are the servants of the great Four.
*** May the Kings of light return.' "
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------
* Wrote the late Brahmachari Bawa, a Yogi of great renown and holiness: "Extensive works on Ashtar Vidya and such other sciences were at different times compiled in the languages of the times. But the Sanskrit originals were lost at the time of the partial deluge of our country." . . . (See Theosophist of June, 1880, "Some Things the Aryans Knew.") For Agneyastra, see Wilson's Specimens of the Hindu Theatre, I., p. 297.

** Some wonderful, artificially-made beast, similar in some way to Frankenstein's creation, which spoke and warned his master of every approaching danger. The master was a "black magician," the mechanical animal was informed by a djin, an Elemental, according to the accounts. The blood of a pure man alone could destroy him. Vide Part II., xxvii., "Seven in Astronomy, Science, and Magic."

*** The four Karmic gods, called the Four Maharajahs in the Stanzas.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 428 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.
"The great King fell upon his dazzling Face and wept". . . .

"When the Kings assembled the waters had already moved". . . .

"(But) the nations had now crossed the dry lands. They were beyond the water mark. Their Kings reached them in their Viwans, and led them on to the lands of Fire and Metal (East and North)." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Still, in another passage, it is said: --

. . . . "Stars (meteors) showered on the lands of the black Faces; but they slept."

"The speaking beasts (the magic watchers) kept quiet."

"The nether lords waited for orders, but they came not, for their masters slept."

" The waters arose, and covered the valleys from one end of the Earth to the other. High lands remained, the bottom of the Earth (the lands of the antipodes) remained dry. There dwelt those who escaped; the men of the yellow-faces and of the straight eye (the frank and sincere people)."

"When the Lords of the Dark Faces awoke and bethought themselves of their Viwans in order to escape from the rising waters, they found them gone."

Then a passage shows some of the more powerful magicians of the "Dark Face" -- who awoke earlier than the others -- pursuing those who had "spoilt them" and who were in the rear-guard, for -- "the nations that were led away, were as thick as the stars of the milky way, " says a more modern Commentary, written in Sanskrit only.

"Like as a dragon-snake uncoils slowly its body, so the Sons of men, led on by the Sons of Wisdom, opened their folds, and spreading out, expanded like a running stream of sweet waters . . . . . . many of the faint-hearted among them perished on their way. But most were saved."

Yet the pursuers, "whose heads and chests soared high above the water," chased them "for three lunar terms" until finally reached by the rising waves, they perished to the last man, the soil sinking under their feet and the earth engulfing those who had desecrated her.

This sounds a good deal like the original material upon which the similar story in Exodus was built many hundred thousands of years later. The biography of Moses, the story of his birth, childhood and rescue from the Nile by Pharaoh's daughter, is now shown to have been adapted from the Chaldean narrative about Sargon. And if so, the Assyrian tile in the British Museum being a good proof of it, why not that of the Jews robbing the Egyptians of their jewels, the death of Pharaoh and his army, and so on? The gigantic magicians of Ruta and Daitya, the "lords of the Dark Face," may have become in the later narrative the Egyptian Magi, and the yellow-faced nations of

the Fifth Race, the virtuous sons of Jacob, the "chosen people." . . . One more statement has to be made: There have been several Divine Dynasties -- a series for every Root Race beginning with the Third, each series according and adapted to its Humanity. The last Seven Dynasties referred to in the Egyptian and Chaldean records belong to the Fifth Race, which, though generally called Aryan, was not entirely so, as it was ever largely mixed up with races to which Ethnology gives other names. It would be impossible, in view of the limited space at our disposal, to go any further into the description of the Atlanteans, in whom the whole East believes as much as we believe in the ancient Egyptians, but whose existence the majority of the Western Scientists deny, as they have denied, before this, many a truth, from the existence of Homer down to that of the carrier pigeon. The civilization of the Atlanteans was greater even than that of the Egyptians. It is their degenerate descendants, the nation of Plato's Atlantis, which built the first Pyramids in the country, and that certainly before the advent of the "Eastern AEthiopians," as Herodotus calls the Egyptians. This may be well inferred from the statement made by Ammianus Marcellinus, who says of the Pyramids that "there are also subterranean passages and winding retreats, which, it is said, men skilful in the ancient mysteries, by means of which they divined the coming of a flood, constructed in different places lest the memory of all their sacred ceremonies should be lost." These men who "divined the coming of floods" were not Egyptians, who never had any, except the periodical rising of the Nile. Who were they? The last remnants of the Atlanteans, we maintain. Those races which are dimly suspected by Science, and thinking of which Mr. Ch. Gould, the well-known geologist, says: "Can we suppose that we have at all exhausted the great museum of nature? Have we, in fact, penetrated yet beyond its antechambers? Does the written history of man, comprising a few thousand years, embrace the whole course of his intelligent existence? Or have we in the long mythical eras, extending over hundreds of thousands of years, and recorded in the chronologies of Chaldea and of China, shadowy mementos of pre-historic man, handed down by tradition, and perhaps transported by a few survivors to existing lands from others, which, like the fabled (?) Atlantis of Plato, may have been submerged, or the scene of some great catastrophe which destroyed them with all their civilization" ("Mythical Monsters," p. 19).

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